VGS offers an extensive variety of plastic packaging for field pack or food processing plants throughout California, Arizona, Mexico and across the United States. Products include but are not limited to:

  • Pallet Covers and Shrouds
  • RPC Covers
  • Case Liners
  • Generic (UPC/PLU) Produce Bags
  • Custom (Brand/Label) Produce Bags
  • Generic and Custom Produce Sleeves
  • Pouches
  • Rollstock (Flexible Packaging) Films
  • PET and RPET Containers and Clamshells

Our resources can provide guidance and suggestions for your unique packaging requirements through industry knowledge and experience, and access to new innovations as they are developed. We carry a comprehensive assortment of flexible packaging that incorporates film types such as:

  • LDPE
  • CPP
  • Laminations
  • Hot Needle Perforations
  • Laser Microperfs
  • Low to High Oxygen Transfer Rates (OTRs)

Warehouse with shelves of growers supply.We utilize a broad range of domestic and import suppliers to ensure the best quality, price, and product availability.  Our partnered vendor base allows us to offer our customers from one to ten-color process print and everything in between. We source packaging that meets or exceeds FDA food safety requirements, certifications, and third-party audits.

As in our other packaging products, our customers have Portal access to view inventory levels, delivery documentation as well as all technical specifications.