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Vegetable Growers Supply was formed in 1948 when four of the Salinas produce pioneer families joined together and formed a Company to manufacture wooden crates for the fast growing fresh produce industry. The well recognized family names were Church, Merrill, Nutting, and Harden. Other signatures that appeared on the original Articles of Incorporation were Nunes, Martella, Ladra, Abeloe, Hitchcock, Storm, Nielsen, Fiscalini, and Christensen. VGS manufactured and sold about 2 million wooden crates in 1948, its first year of operation.

Today, VGS distributes over 100 million corrugated cartons annually. Our industry has adapted to meet changing needs and habits of the consumer. Some of the industry has moved from the packing shed and mobile field units to salad and value added facilities. Much of the industry recognizes the need and demand for unprocessed fresh produce. With our adaptability to the ever changing environment, VGS is active in all produce distribution channels.

VGS is active in the communities that we serve and are proud members of United Fresh, Western Growers Association and Produce Marketing Association.