Customer Portal

iPhone with customer portal interface on the screen.


VGS believes that sharing knowledge is a key component of great service. We are proud to provide our vendors and customers a real-time inventory management program. ZedSuite Customer Portal for SAP Business One empowers customers with a secure, flexible, and personalized self-service gateway.

Customers can retrieve and interact with information through any standard Web browser. By pulling information from SAP Business One in real-time, customers have flexible access to billing, orders, reports and more, 24/7.

With our Customer Portal, VGS can:

  1. Provide Self-Service to Customers – Customers can easily view and print profile information, sales order histories, invoices, real-time inventories, and payment information.
  2. Ensure Secure Access – Unique user name and password protected access to customer information and account details.
  3. Access Real-Time Integrations with SAP Business One – Account details are pulled real time from SAP Business One ensuring customers view the most recent data and transactions.

Your business requires rapid response without undue interruption. We are confident that this tool will continue to build our reputation for excellent customer service and help provide solutions before problems occur.